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Performance ATV Parts Can Am  650 /1000 XMR Riser Kit  2013-2018 (GEN 2) xmr riser kit, relocator kit, performance atv, 800/1000 models

Performance ATV Parts Can Am 650 /1000 XMR Riser Kit 2013-2018 (GEN 2) (PATV-SNKT-C-XMR1000)

Performance ATV Can Am Xmr 800/1000 Riser Kit 2013-2018 (Gen 2) This Riser kit will work on all XMR kits with the Gauge Support # 705006321 the XMR 2019 models do also have the same Gauge built will require some slight modifications on the 850 models for sure.

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Piss poor instructions
This riser kit is a great and much needed add on for the xmr's, to bad the instructions leave much to be desired. Your better off headed to the local hardware store and buying a bunch of pvc and start guessing! Enough pieces do arrive to do the job but are different than what the instructions list. And speaking of the instructions, they'll leave you more confused than ever and the pictures are absolute garbage. Once you figure out how the pipes are ran its a great accessory, to bad its a self taught kit
Reviews 1-1 of 1